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Number of residential blocks, office towers, shopping malls, landed strata, gated residential communities


Number of strata and non-strata properties in the database

85 Million

Number of accounting transactions recorded since 2015

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The most user-friendly property management system in the region!

Manage Your Data

Storing data on paper or spreadsheets is tedious, inaccurate and could be too easily accessed by unauthorized persons.

Condo Master helps you keep only one master copy that is accessible by the right people.

Manage Your Operations

Property management means dealing with non-stop issues daily.

Condo Master helps you to stay on top of things as a team, and make sure that all important tasks are completed on time.

Manage Your Finances

Money is usually a hot topic in property management and residents wants more transparency and accountability.

Condo Master helps you to record your financial transactions and generate key financial reports, and gives residents access to their accounts.

Powerful features to make your life easier!

Built-in Full Accounting Module

Complete built-in accounting system, includes AR, AP, GL, Bank Recon, P&L, Balance Sheet, etc.

Access to the financial data in the cloud 24x7.

Fully Integrated Payment Gateway

End-to-end fully integrated payment gateway automatically issues receipts and updates the debtor ledgers.

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Generate and send reminders to every resident with a few clicks of the button.


Generate monthly or quarterly billings in one go, and email to the residents, with just a few clicks of the button.

Issues Scoreboard

Keep track of every issue in a scoreboard. Monitor your team's progress. Update everyone when you have resolved the issue.

Meter Reading

Use our Meter Reading mobile app to take water and electricity readings for each unit, and upload the data to the server directly.

Scheduled Maintenance Tasks

Record your maintenance schedule. Let the system remind you when the task is due. Helps you keep track of every service provider's attendance and service history.

Equipment Cost of Ownership

Easily keep track of each equipment's repair history and costs, so that you can have the data to make better decisions.

Unlimited User Logins

Allow every staff, committee member, unit owner and tenant to have a personal user account.

Unit Owner Page

Let unit owners login to view their own information and accounts.

Our Affordable Prices

From MYR 500 per month

Up to 50% BULK DISCOUNT for property managers

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Discounts available for Low Cost and Low Medium Cost Apartments

Our Data Policy

At Condo Master, our policy has always been that the data belongs to the owners of the building/estate, who are represented by their rightfully elected committee.

As a courtesy, we give 1 month of free access for you to extract data and close accounts when you decide to terminate your subscription with us.

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